"Daydream Dove 2" Clutch Bag
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"Daydream Dove 2" Clutch Bag

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This bright, colorful clutch bag is one of many bird-focused designs by Danielle O'Neill. The printed work is a hybrid of the artist's original paintings and photography to create a surreal, dreamlike scene, emphasizing the powerful yet peaceful presence of this simple dove.

Material details:

100% vegan Saffiano leather

High-end hardware

Interior slit for credit cards 

Artist's story behind the art:

"I am obsessed with all birds, but simple brown doves are some of the gentlest creatures I've ever encountered. They're called mourning doves due to their sad "coo," but they actually bring so much joy and peace. All you have to do is take one look into their sweet little eyes. They land on my fire escape all the time and just stare into the distance. They're not easily scared away when I walk by the window, either. I've seen them surf the bare branches of a cherry blossom tree in the fierce winter wind without flinching a feather. What resilient little friends they are. They're common enough in the Northeast, but I think they need to be celebrated as much as the cardinals and jays (which I obviously adore!). Each time I see a common brown dove, I'm reminded to take a second to pause and breathe. They may be "basic" looking birds, but they're so much more. My piece "Daydream Dove" evokes reverence for a dove on a wire, reminding us to slow down in all the chaos of life and to remember that peace is our birthright." - Danielle O'Neill, Designer