My very first word was "bird."

How appropriate, since I've kept myself in a cage for years until the hunger to discover my gifts and talents began eating away at me. "Who are you, what are you doing with your life, what is your tagline?" The answer is not a bubble you fill in on a standardized test or multiple choice survey. It's much, much bigger than that. For all of us.

When you begin the process of self-discovery and find that you can’t define yourself with one word or one sentence, that can be scary. We may have a face that is recognizable and easily sketched on paper by an artist, but we are all abstract on the inside. Despite our short attention spans and lack of time in the day, it is impossible to hurry up and describe ourselves in just 140 characters or limit our identities to a 30 second elevator speech.

We are far more than the answer to the question “what do you do?” - we are complex, mysterious, likable, lovable, interesting people. We are creators. We are artists. Yes. We. Are. We just have to realize this and be willing to see beyond the mirror. This is NOT EASY. And still I encourage you to take on the challenge: to work daily to defy social expectations, labels, mental health diagnoses, disabilities, etc...to share YOUR work and express YOUR truth.

You are creative. You have something so important to say whether you know it yet or not. When we express ourselves authentically and in whatever way is healthiest for us, we become happier and hopefully, become better humans in the process.

I hope you find a sense of joy, peace and FUN while browsing this shop!

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